Manorial Surveys

Survey of the Manor of Newcastle dated 8 Henry VII 1516-17 by

Richard Lovatt. Ref: British Library Harley Roll K.9 m.1

Rental of the Manor of Newcastle-under-Lyme made by Richard Lovatt

in the year 8 Henry VIII

William Synson holds and the rent per annum                       14s  2d

Richard Barrett                                                                                 4s  6d

Richard Woodcock                                                                           4s  6d

Ranulph Machyn                                                                             21s 11d

Ranulph Machyn (the same) holds in Clayton & Shepbridge  6s 11d

Thomas Bothus                                                                               18s   6d

Procurator of St. Mary of Stoke                                                  34s  ½d

Procurator of St. Mary in Chelton                                                  11½d

Procurator of St. Mary in Chelton and Shepbridge                      8½d

Roger Turner                                                                                  10s 10d

Richard Amys                                                                                 10s 8d

Ralph Pare                                                                                                9d

John Huchyn                                                                                   13s 3d

John Huchyn                                                                                    12s  4d

Roger Handley                                                                                   7s  8d

John Dale                                                                                            7s 10d

William Tyttensor                                                                          12s 4d

David Hudson                                                                                         8d

Thomas Peysall                                                                                 5s 11d

Thomas Elkyn                                                                                     2s 1d

Roger Fenton                                                                                       2s  6d

for a pasture called Neyderley                                                              4d

Mychaell Wulfley                                                                              11s 5d

Ranulph Bagnold                                                                                3s  4d

The same Ranulph for land in Wolstanton                                       ½d

William Vernam                                                                                     10d

Agnes Orpe                                                                                                3d

Ralph Bagnold                                                                                          6d

John Leghton                                                                                     2s 11d

William Trymley                                                                             37s 4d

The same William Trymley for lands in Clayton and Schepbrigge 22d

The same William Trymley for land called Hochdkarr                  6d

The same William Trymley for lands in Schelton                            8d

The same William Trymley for lands in Wolstanton             4s  5½d

William Schambur                                                                        13s 11d

The same William Schambur holds lands in Schelton                  2d

The same William Schambur holds lands in Wolstanton

for a meadow                                                                                  16s  5d

The same William Schambur for lands in Clayton and Shepbrege 12d

The Tenants of Longton hold and rent per annum                  16s  4d

Lord of Fenton rent per annum                                                      7s  4d

Ralph Brett                                                                                        12s  8d

The same Ralph Brett holds in Wolstantan                                2s 1d

Stephen Clayton                                                                               10s 3d

Richard Poynton                                                                              13s  8d

Henry Patyn                                                                                             ½d

John Clayton                                                                                      10s 6d

The same John Clayton for the lands lately of John Howbekk   18½d

Stephen Adams                                                                                         6d

The same Stephen Adams for lands in Penkhull                                 1d

Thomas Dason holds and rent per annum                                 12s 2¼d

Richard Lovatt                                                                                      5s 10d

The same Richard Lovatt for lands lately of Richard Grykins  10s 6d

John Lovatt holds and rent per annum                                           6s 3d

The same John Lovatt for tyth fardes                                               3½d

Procurator of St. Mary beyond the water                                           9d

John Kendall holds and rents                                                       13s 3½d

Ralph Machyn son of William Machyn                                           7s 9d

For Pye rogh                                                                                           4s 0d

William Heywodd                                                                               19s 6d

For Hanchurch Meadows                                                                       12½d

John Palyn holds and rents                                                                 6s 2¼d

Thomas Butterton                                                                                    2s 0d

Thomas Huchyn holds and rents                                                        2s 11d

Richard Telrikk for lands lately of John Colclcough                             6d

The heir of William Dam holds and rent                                      9s 10¾d

Richard Telrikk for lands lately of William Dammys in Wolstanton 3d

Edward Wodd for land in Penkhull                                                        15d

The same Edward Wodd holds in Wolstanton and rent                14s 7d

The same Edward Wodd holds in Chelton (Shelton)                         9s 3d

The same Edward Wodd holds land in Clayton and Chepbrege 12s 10½d

Convent of the monastery of Trentham holds a meadow called

Ackford lately of John Wodd and rent per annum                                 5d

The farmer of Knotton holds and rent                                          £4 11s 6d


John Turner holds and rents per annum                                          6s 8½d

Stephen Hill and rents                                                                            6s 5d

Thomas Hilland rents                                                                             4s 0d

Robert Sponer                                                                                        3s 2½d

Thomas (R)owle                                                                                        5s 0d

Thomas Burne                                                                                            6s 0d

Henry Meere                                                                                               6s  d

Elizabeth Reve                                                                                        6s 5d

Prior of Trentham for part of the pasture called Woldford             12½d

William Bucknall holds pasture and rent oper annum                   3s 6½d

Richard Amys holds and rent for pasture and paid per annum    9s 10d

John Handley holds and rent                                                                 8s  2d

The Rector of Stoke rent per annum in Shelton                                       4d

The Rector of the church in Stoke in Penkhull rent per annum       2s 7d

John Amys holds and rent                                                                       31s 3d

The same John holds and rent in Penkhull                                                 1d

Thomas Adams holds and acre of land lately of John Handley and rent  5d

For pasture called Estwodd lately in the tenure of

Richard Amys of Weresell                                                                             3s 8d

For the mill of Chelton (Shelton)                                                                   6s 8d

for the same mill in Shelton                                                                           6s 8d

Richard Sneyd holds rent per annum                                                           6s 7d

Richard Maxfeld holds lands lately of the earl of Stafford and rent etc 5s  6d

The aforesaid Richard Sneyd holds and rent                                               2s  9d

William Helyng holds rent and ands                                                             19s 1d

John Bradhede holds                                                                                      11s 0d

John (P)inver                                                                                                   13s  9d

The heirs of Richard Wodd hold and rent                                                  2s  1d

John Colclogh for land in Dymmysdale holds and rent                            3s  1d

John Verdon hold land and rent                                                                   5s 7¼d

Katherine Browne                                                                                           9s  1¼d

Thomas Houson (or Hanson)                                                                             2d

John Mattson                                                                                                    20½d

William Swettnam                                                                                      11s 9¼d

John Kelyng holds land late of Le Baxstar of Waryngton and rent     20½d

William Maxfield holds land late of Agnes Sadler and rent per annum     18d

The Procurator of St. Mary holds and rents                                                 31s 6d

For lands called Syngarrys acarr (acre)                                                               3d

Thirdboro Sylver                                                                                              25s  0d

Tenants of Butterton hold and rent per annum                                           8s  0d

For lands in Lyme                                                                                        40s 0d

Herbage of Polishedd, namely Thomas Filde with Hichfilde                8s 0d

Farm of Kings Meadow at the castle                                                         23s 4d

For the King’s field per annum                                                                  20s  0d

For the King’s Meadow at Wolstanton                                                     14s 0d

Herbage at Castlecliff                                                                                   13s 4d

Richard Smyth holds meadow                                                                    5s  0d

Thomas Beche for parcel of a pond and rent per annum                         6d

Ranulph Egerton for a garden place lately of William Laton                   4d

The same Ranulph Egerton for a parcel of a pond worth                           8d

The same Ranulph Egerton for the same and a cote in the lane                1d

The Abbot de Hulton for the mine of coal                                                2s  0d

For the mine at Chelton                                                                                6s  8d

For passage of Meyrelewne                                                                            20d

Rents detained from the collector of the lord King

For divers tenements in the town of Stafford                                           2s  0d

For a croft lately of John Palyn in the alley of St. Mary and for

2 selions lying in Crosseferlonge                                                                       13d

Richard Smyth holds a croft lately of John Swanelts and rent per annum 18d

For a garden place in the old forge lately of Hugh Colclough                    18d

Richard Smith holds 2 crofts called Nycriddngge and rent per annum  3s  6d

Thomas Colclogh holds foundation pond and rents                                       12d

Ranulph Egerton holds the meadow at the head of the pond                    7s  0d

Richard Lovatt of Clayton made this rental and the same Richard Lovatt in the same year was collector and receiver of all the rents for William Kelying for the year 8 Henry VIII and was eximed by me Ralph Lowes, curate of the church of Stoke-upon-Trent on

24th October.

Notes in a later hand on dorse of m.1.

The heir of John Browde in Penkhull lands                                        2s  8d

The heir of the same John Browde in Cleyton and Shebreg lands      23d

The heir of William Dam in Cleyton and Shebreg                                 16d

The heir of the same William Dam in Wolstanton                               3s  0d

William Kelying for lands lately of John Medulton                               20½d

Note in another hand

Note that a copy of this rental was delivered to the King’s tenant at

Penkhull by the hands of John Kendall in the month of

of September in the year of our Lord 26 Henry VIII (1534)


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