Friends of Penkhull from around the world

This page has been added as the hits onto this site come from most countries of the world. In fact there are in excess of 8,000 in the first year and growing. Must be the most popular local history site  in the world. 

This pages gives the opportunity for those ex-pats to link up again with friends of the past. So all you need to do is to post your name, contact details and your memories of Penkhull

This email arrived yesterday 15th March 2019 all the way from New Mexico. Delighted that she wrote to me and I have just responded in return. If you have a contribution or just a message and want to say Hi please reply on the contact email address.

Jennifer Huntsberger wrote:

By chance I have just found your web page. I am thrilled to find myself, and some childhood friends, in the school photographs within your article on Boothen.
I have vague memories of old terraced houses on Boothen Green but I’m too young to remember the canal. As a child we walked, and played, along the new Coronation Gardens that replaced the canal. The Timothy Trout memorial , at the bottom of James Street, was a reminder for the dangers of canal waters. All Saints church, across the road from the school, featured greatly in our lives.
 The area from The Villas to Regents Street has seen many changes over my 70 years. When I return to Stoke from my home in the US I always hope that it is on an upswing and back to the nurturing place of my childhood.

Jennifer,  Las Cruces, New Mexico

Interesting that hits are received from Kyiv in the Ukrane, Oregon in the USA, Canada, India, New Zealand and loads of other countries. Would be great to hear from those logging on if they have connections with Penkhull or just enjoy this site for its contents.

A letter received from Nick Jay regarding information requested if anyone knows of a lady who may have worked at the Mount Blind and Deaf school in the 50s or 60s. If you recall this person, please write to contact at email address.

Hello Richard, Just been looking through your website – with particular regard to the Cottage Homes and the forum, both of which I found interesting.

Obviously a *LOT* of hard work and time has gone into it! So maybe you or one of your readers could help me – I am researching the family tree of a friend of mine who is trying to learn more about his mother – Frances May Whipp (b Dec 1932 in Uttoxeter; d February 1989 in

Blackpool) she was 59. My friend believes she worked (may have? at the Mount School for deaf and blind (it seems to have many different names which is confusing as I don’t know the area myself, living in Manchester as I do) and whilst today I’ve learned that the Stoke on Trent Archives Service hold records for the school (SD 1224) I have no idea which records these may hold and whether or not all records were handed over.

So he seems to think she may have worked at the school in the 50s until some time in the 60s. I don’t suppose during your research for your books and/or website you’d have any notes/records about this do you? Yes it’s a long shot but thinking in terms of say staff pension records, employment records, reports which may have been written and so on.

A letter from down-under referring to my book and a set of three history DVDs that were all sent.

The book and DVDs arrived yesterday. Such a wonderful book – a huge undertaking by you! I have read some pages of the book, and was impressed that so much history is included as well as the many photos.

Although The Bagnalls were not from Penkhull as such, I appreciate the information given of the surrounding area.I will enjoy reading the full book asap.Trentham is also a Bagnall area for my history, as William Bagnall was a tenant of Trent Hay farm, before he died in 1815. My g. grandfather, Thomas left from there for his marriage in 1816. His bride Ann Heath left from Mill Cottage, Hanley.

I might learn some background to their story somewhere in your book, perhaps.

Congratulations to you for the publishing of your wonderful book!

Now that I have mastered to art (?) of international Transfer of funds, I will look for other publications to help me in my research.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sincerely, Alison Milani

connection to Penkhull to out contact address and we will post it onto this site.