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Penkhull History Society would be pleased to hear from the those who look at this site for their comments on its layout and more importantly the articles that are published especially those “from the pen of Dr Talbot” which cover a huge range of subjects. We would also like to publish either memories, notes, programmes, photographs or anything appropriate to the history of Penkhull or the surrounding area that can be viewed by all who look at the Forum category.

In addition the tutor Dr Richard Talbot MBE who is also a F.R.Hist,Soc. will try to answer any historical questions that are sent to the site. See the contact address below.

It would be good to hear from those living overseas that view this site as to where they are and their interest in Penkhull. Viewing the stats, it would appear that many viewers come from all over the word – from Hong Kong, all over the USA and many parts of Europe. So what not just drop a  line so all viewers of this site can share in the world-wide friends of Penkhull.

In the first year over 84,000 pages were viewed. Probably the most visited local history site in the world.

Latest for the last week in February 2020 and have since then maintained or exceeded the number of nearly 900 per month!!!  Huge – which shows that this site provides a great interest worldwide. 

Please send any comment etc. to: