Penkhull former County Secondary School, Princes Road

As a result of the serious overcrowding the United District School Board decided to build a new ‘Senior School’ at the junction of Princes Road then called Penkhull Street just north of the village. This was completed under the provision of Sandon’s Act of 1876 and Mundella’s Act of 1880 that finally made elementary education compulsory. The site for the new school was purchased by Stoke-upon-Trent School Board from Robert Clement Clive of The Mount on the 31st October 1895 for the sum of £955 13s and described as:

All that plot of land situate at Penkhull and part of the Mount Estate and which plot of land contains by recent measurement, including the footpath to a proposed new street and half of the back road six thousand, three hundred and seventy one square yards.

The school was built to the design of architects Messrs R Scrivener & Sons, a local company and was officially opened on Monday, 3 May 1897 by Sir Lovelace Stamer Bart, who by this time had become the Bishop of Shrewsbury. As a result of educational classification, the new school became known as the ‘senior school’, catering for children over ten years of age, while the old village National School concentrated on the education of younger children.

Children from Penkhull Cottage Homes attended the new school as well as Cross Street School, (now Epworth Street). By 1909 the school at Penkhull recorded 32 boys and 24 girls attending from the Cottage Homes.

It was not long before this new senior school became overcrowded as population increase bringing with it further demands on space. By 1912 a new north wing was reported as progressing slowly and that there were ‘now five classes held in the hall containing between 200-260 children alone. The new wing was opened on the 13th June 1913. Ten days later, after a tea party and a concert for parents to celebrate the opening, the head wrote: there still remains dreadful overcrowding!


Photographs dated c1915 with head master Mr. A. T Wood

Extracts taken from The Royal Manor of Penkhull. This book is still available – see Publications and Videos.